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We will beat any advertised price on print, online or on coupons.

During the treatment, the doctor directs a laser at any fungal infections lurking beneath the toenails. The procedure is considered painless and leaves the surrounding area unharmed, freeing the nail to grow in clear and healthy over the next few months. One treatment is sufficient to kill the fungus, but if severe fungal nail infections it will require follow up treatments they will be available for half off the regular price.
Cutera Genesis Plus is the most powerful and advanced FDA approved Laser and it has a larger spot size compared to pin point size and treatment takes 10 minutes per foot compared to 40 to an hour required with smaller pinpoint sized lasers. 
Dr. Garafalo has 50 years experience as a podiatric physician and surgeon and will be your personal treating physician. After his treatment you can be assured that your toenails received the correct laser dosage. We know how to treat toenail fungus, call us for a free consultation and we will see how can help you 



Please Log onto for actual patient interviews and results of laser therapy
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